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Memory consumption of empty Strings

. Often some of these String are empty (""). To avoid unnecessary memory consumption, the String within the entities are initialized like: String firstName = ""; In this case every "empty" attribute shares the same String. But after reloading the entities from objectdb, every empty

Empty query results after JAR creation

> a  JAR File and executed via "Java -Jar xyz.jar", I get either empty results or on Thanks for any help.   Marvin.Hansen Marvin Hansen Empty results or NoResultException may be caused by accessing an empty database.

LEFT JOIN FETCH over empty embedded collection returns no results

: if an embedded collection is empty, but I attempt to LEFT JOIN FETCH all the members of a collection within a (non-existent) member of the first collection, the result of the overall query is an empty set. If I have an instance of C where bList is empty

Possible issue for JPQL IS EMPTY expression

Possible issue for JPQL IS EMPTY comparison expression: SELECT e FROM MyEntity e WHERE e.collection-valued IS EMPTY throws javax.persistence.PersistenceException: Invalid operand type  for operator IS EMPTY (error 756) Thanks.

@ElementCollection Set is emptied sometimes

The field is emptied, but not null. So, my @ElementCollection Set<Integer> fields become empty sometimes during development while schema changes, but not ... day ago, when some fields got empty again (but not null). ( empty HashSet<Integer

InternalError on query of empty database

Support I'm now getting an empty set returned on empty database. Thanks!!!! pedwards Paul Edwards

Handling a case of searching an empty database

Hi, I have posted a question on Stack Overflow but there is limited support for ObjectDB on there, so I will post it here. It is a lot clearer on empty-user-database-with-objectdb?noredirect=1#comment31099101

Empty temporary dat files in the temp folder

. If we take a look into the dat files they are all (with exception of the first one) empty. Or

Collections in JPQL and Criteria Queries

. IS [NOT] EMPTY The IS [NOT] EMPTY operator checks whether a specified collection is empty or not. For example: c.languages IS EMPTY is TRUE if the collection is empty

Internal exception: NPE on criteria query with IN clause and empty collection

that I use JPA criteria query API, and I pass an empty collection to IN expression: empty by ... exception itself is nothing wrong here I guess (at least other JPA providers also throw on empty IN