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Unexpected COUNT Results

We are working with objectDB version 2.5.5.b01. (we also tried to use the latest version 2.6.1) We have several issues with queries that can be seen with the attached database and using ObjectDB explorer: 1. Using ObjectDB explorer a. SELECT $1.id FROM Pa3DataKey $1 WHERE $1.timestamp <= 187526

Wrong select results

Hello, I got a realy strange SELECT problem. In explorer query "select p from Player p where p.confirmed==false", given me some results with p.confirmed==TRUE. And when I try to do (see image ... .confirmed->false. How so? <odb v2.6.5_05> And this problem not only in explorer mastervoland Vladimir

impossible to drop a table with 50 million objects

when trying to execute in explorer (max heap size 1GByte) delete from LogEntry l it comes up with a Java heap error after 20 minutes of executing. How to empty such a table ? hgzwicker Hans-Georg ... . Accordingly you can try running the Explorer with this setting (-Dobjectdb.temp.page-file=true). support Support

Double persist of Entity field with Cascade.ALL

when viewed in Explorer. Let me also mention an additional observation I made: if the new chapters ... to the book record. In ObjectDB Explorer, you should see the Book table correctly recorded but the Chapter

Query fails with numerical values > 2^31

Hi ! I'm trying to execute the following query (from Java-code, also tried ObjectDB Explorer) delete from DataRecord p where p.TimeOfDeletion < 4147483648 This fails with "invalid numerical literal ... ' works great (both in code as well as in the Explorer) ! Maybe add this in the online help (e.g

Level 2 cache not hit in @ManyToOne

Hi! I have 2 entities: User and Item, both @Cacheable. Item has @ManyToOne private User user. Level 2 JPA cache is activated and it works ok for find by id (tested by changing data in explorer ... "user". "user" is loaded each time from the DB (tested by changing data in explorer and reading in

com.objectdb.o.UserException: Ambiguous entity name

. Still I get this error and in the explorer I can find an entry for this embeddable class. How can I ... . It also now seems to be possible to remove the embeddable class in the explorer. itsme Martin Petzold

Embedded in JDO metadata not working in objectDB 2.x ?

. Additionally I see in the DB Explorer every class as not embedded, with own extent and OID for every instance ... the Explorer and can not make a query on them. jakab Gergely Jakab Try running the delete query from a small

ObjectDB 2.3.5

Added support of DATE(...) and TIME(...) methods in queries. Added new Explorer and Server exe (for Windows 7 and 64 bits). Fixed handling a Calendar parameter value in criteria queries. Fixed using ... display in the Explorer schema window. Fixed merging a new entity object with application set primary key.

ObjectDB 2.8.3

Added support of Java 8 date and time types (issues #1495, #2564). Added information in the Explorer on consumed database space (feature request #2540). Fixed handling enum types that implement interfaces in the Explorer (Issue #2542). Improved memory cleaning when entity objects with embeddable

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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