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Bad Backups – Null Error when issuing simple query on backup via ObjectDB Explorer

I have attempted to access two different backups that were taken by ObjectDB’s internal backup API.  Upon attempting to access both of the databases via ODB Explorer (via server mode ... >Does it happen only in the Explorer or also when accessing these databases from your application

ObjectDB Explorer very slow with remote con

Hi! I started to use ObjectDB Explorer to administrate a remote DB (on a server), but it seems to be very slow. The database is quite empty now, just between 5 ... that it wasn't Explorer's fault. By having just 1 SSH connection to the VPS, it works at an acceptable speed.

Feature request - ability to refresh an open database view in explorer

The ability to refresh view in explorer automatically. Fine if this is read-only. Extra points if you can do this with local databases as well as remote. dmoshal David Moshal ie: "Real-time" auto refreshing explorer views. dmoshal David Moshal

problems using the explorer

the database wit explorer, view at the table, close the connection again, we have these messages ... . If you open the database using the Explorer of version 2.5.5,

Where do i download the explorer from

Hi, Where do i download the explorer from? I dont see any link. Please guide. Ravi ravionweb Ravi It is included in the zip file that can be downloaded from the download page (with the entire ObjectDB distribution) in the bin directory. support Support

Error opening database with ObjectDB Explorer when using composite key

Hi, When I use a composite key in an entity and fill this database with this entity, ObjectDB explorer throws me an error when opening this database saying something about an invalid ID class and not able to locate a field. I can however retrieve entries from my program

Blank explorer

> --------------------------------- running ./ results in a blank Explorer

Explorer Features - refresh + viewing open embedded database

Request for feature: Ability to auto-refresh an explorer view, say at regular intervals of a few seconds. (at a minimum one ought to be able to manually refresh ... to view an embedded database (read only mode) via the explorer. dmoshal David Moshal

Deleting a broken reference that was fixed to null in the Explorer

Using version 2.7.4_01, we did a repair. After repair a former link to a missing reference was converted to null. This cannot be deleted using explorer   hgzwicker Hans-Georg Zwicker Thank you for this report. Build 2.7.4_02 fixes the issue. support Support

Hard it is to add a record with explorer

This shows how hard it is to add a record with explorer.  When you add it, you have to find it in the list, if the list is real big you're in trouble., and since new object has no IDs you can't really search for it easily.  Should pop up a window to let you add values before