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Entity Management Settings

persistable otherwise (e.g. a user defined class, which is not an entity class, mapped super class or

JPA Annotations for Classes

manual explains these annotations in detail. Entity and mapped super classes


) Specifies the type of the map key for associations of type java.util.Map . The map key can be a basic type, an embeddable class, or an entity. If the map is specified using Java generics, the MapKeyClass


/createContainerEntityManagerFactory_PersistenceUnitInfo_Map" title="Method of javax.persistence.spi ... ;info, Map map) Called by the container ... > - metadata for use by the persistence provider map


"> Returns the list of the names of the mapping files that the persistence provider must load to determine the mappings for the entity classes. Returns the list of the names of the mapping files that the persistence

class="description"> (Optional) The name of the map key column. The table in which it is found depends upon the context. If the map key is for an element collection, the map key column is in the collection table for the map value. If the map key is for a ManyToMany entity relationship or


JPA 2 JavaDoc Reference Documentation - Used to construct criteria queries, compound selections, expressions, predicates, orderings.


>Attribute<X,Map<K,V>> , PluralAttribute<X,Map<K,V>,V> java.util.Map -valued attributes.


="Enum Constant of javax.persistence.InheritanceType">JOINED mapping strategy ... javax.persistence">OneToOne mapping in which the primary key of the referencing ... annotation is specified for a subclass in the JOINED mapping strategy


"> Get the Mapping setting for this factory. Get the Mapping setting for this factory. This is used to find the object-datastore mapping file(s). Returns