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Optimization of Map Queries

> ((com.test.MyEntity) $'com.test.MyEntity')).someProperty ... ((com.test.MyEntity) $'com.test.MyEntity')).someOtherProperty .. ((com.test.MyEntity) $'com.test.MyEntity')).someMoreProperties I need to use full qualified names

Query over the keySet of a map field with collection parameter

It is possible to execute a query over a keySet of a map field with comparing ... " + EntityParent.class.getName() + " e " + "WHERE member of ?1 ... .ALL) public Map<String, EntityChild> map = new HashMap<>

Index on map key

Is there a way to create an Index with @Index on the key of a map? wua Andreas Wurm Indexes on map keys as well as queries on map keys ... ;          "SELECT o FROM MyEntity o JOIN e

Extended mapping-definitions

with mapping to a relational DB, for example with Hibernate.   By default every entity of the real world (respectively its class) gets mapped to a java class. So cats get mapped ... consequence I would get a huge main-table with the default-mapping, containing dogs and cats mixed up.

Mapped By Fetch is very Slow

Well ! I think i pointed out a HUGE performance issue with mapped-by attribute (yeah ... "mapped-by". You obtain 1 second max of query fetch. So my performance issue ... that should fix this issue. Some information about this issue: The mapped by reference

Annotate a Map field with @ElementCollection or @Basic

Hello, we have an entity with a field whose type is a Map. Map field? And when it is valid why @Basic is faster at runtime. @Entity public class TestEntity { @ElementCollection private Map

Eager load Map

I'm having an issue eager loading a nested map. I've attached @ManyToMany(fetch=FetchType.EAGER) attributes to no avail. If the map is viewed in the debugger or force iterated in ... any fields. Finally the nested map is accessed and printed to screen. On the first run

Locking in JPA

- using the Map">createEntityManagerFacotory method:   Map< ... .Map">createEntityManagerFactory

Eager Fetch of Map with Entities as Keys

Loading eagerly a map that uses entity objects as keys is currently unsupported ... of the map. The following test case demonstrates the problem: map

[ODB1] Chapter 4 - JDO Metadata

. 4.4  Arrays, Collections and Maps Special XML sub elements are available for array, collection and map fields: <?xml version="1.0 ... > <field name="f2" embedded="true"> <map embedded-key="true" embedded