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Null returned by Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory

Hi, So I'm currently having an issue where createEntityManagerFactory returns null. When I run ... . The exception is ultimately caused by a null pointer on the line "em = emf.createEntityManager()" in ... but it never returns null: public static EntityManagerFactory createEntityManagerFactory

c.o.jpa.type.EntityTypeImpl.getIdType() returns null

fails     EntityType<T> type = metamodel.entity(domainClass);     if (type == null ... the debugger is i can see this member m_idType is null type EntityTypeImpl<X> (id=57) m_attrMap ... > (id=96) m_idType null m_superType null m_sysType Class<T> (package.Foo) (id=49) m_versionAttr null

NULL prefered in ORDER BY?

Hi! Is there a way to NOT prefer NULL in Order BY? I.e. assume this: @Entity class Hint ... entries, some do have a hint assigned, some do not (NULL). Now when I do something like SELECT FROM ... one points to Hint{name=A}, second one to Hint{name=B} and third one to NULL: Test 3 (with hint

How can allow multiple null value in a Unique column.

I have a entity Person have 2 fields Name(Unique) and PhoneNumbers. I wants to allow null value ... Kumar Maharana ObjectDB considers a null value as any other value, so indeed, for a unique field you cannot have more than one null value. If you need multiple null values then the field should not

Handling "is null" in where clause

Greetings, I was playing aroung with JPQL and have found that there is a problem with "is null" queries. When you use "is null" in where clause, query runs correctly, but results are incorrect. Let ... ());         }         em.persist(a);     }     // - selecting records, where simpleField is null

@OneToOne query issue with OR and IS NULL

is the owner. Now I persisted 2 entities of type A. In the first one, the member "another" is null... in the second one "another" is set. Now I want to query "select from A where another is null OR ... the entity A were "another" is not null. Could someone help where to find my mistake?! Many thanks in

Enum fields are set to null and embeddable enum class does not show in explorer

the related objects is set to null. This is highly critical because it will cause data loss ... = FetchType.EAGER) @Enumerated(EnumType.STRING) private List<package.of.Role> roles = null; itsme Martin ... is null. itsme Martin Petzold > Could this be the case because the enum type has the same name as

spuriously objectdb objects have null references

from time to time we have in a multi threaded environment objects where all the references are null ... ){ } } } ... the reference definitions are (for the null references above): ... @OneToMany(fetch ... is closed), ObjectDB replaces lazy loaded collections that have not been loaded with null values. Detached

NULL reference, how to remove

Hans-Georg Zwicker More information is needed about this NULL reference. Can we have access to the database? What happens when you try to access the containing entity object? How many such null ... that made them NULL? support Support Is there new information regarding this null reference

[ODB1] Chapter 4 - JDO Metadata

" embedded="false" /> <field name="f7" null-value="exception" /> <field name="f8" null-value="none" /> <field name="f9" null-value="default" /> </class> </package> </jdo ... demonstrated by field f6. null-value (exception | none | default) The null-value attribute is also intended

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