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JOD problems regarding detachCopy()

whether enhancement is required? My code: @Entity public class Boat implements Serializable{ @Id private

Entity name

Hello !! I am new in JPA / ObjectDB development and I have many questions: 2. Object creation I created a class named EBResult which looks like this: @Entity(name="RESULT") public class EBResult extends Pojo implements Serializable{..... In ObjectDB-explorer (which is part of ObjectDB

Spring 4 setup

: Unsupported auto value type java.io.Serializable for field org.springframework.data.jpa.domain

removed objects stay with null field values in the reference

We have a class with a one to many relationship declared like this (1 or more objects of the same class are linked into the relationship, no circular referencing): @Entity public class ObjectNode implements Serializable { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Id public String

Entity listener - event instead of object

to get the actor ID somehow             final Long actorId = 0L;             final Serializable

Failing to read entities under load in multithreaded tests

Serializable{     private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;     private long version

JDOHelper.isDetached failure ?

(detachable="true") public class TestClass implements Serializable { @PrimaryKey private long

Removing an entity throws exception

... The Customer class code: @Entity public class Customer implements Serializable { private static

Database Inconsistency or corruption

implements Serializable, metamodel.IValue { @javax.persistence.Id @javax.persistence.GeneratedValue

GWT RPC is throwing serialization exception when I have object db date value

to track changes. It implements java.io.Serializable but probably this is not sufficient for GWT

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