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Should derived fields of an EmbeddedId be manually maintained by app code?

.Serializable; import javax.persistence.Basic; import javax.persistence.Embeddable; import javax ... public static class ECompoundKeyMapItemId implements Serializable { private static final long ... (newObj); //em.flush(); return newObj; } } import java.io.Serializable; import

Extending model by "common entity"

public class Entity1 implements Serializable {     private String val1;     private String val2 ...  implements Serializable {     private String val4;     // (getters and setters here) } Now I want ... Serializable {     private String createdBy;     private Date createdAt;     private String modifiedBy

Mysterious "Attempt to persist a reference to a non managed instance" error

. package failing; import java.io.Serializable; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.Id; @Entity public class Ostrich implements Serializable {     @Id long id;     public Ostrich() { } } package failing; import java.io.Serializable; import java.util.Map; import javax

persisting object with long[][] arrays of array

(); Here is the object: import java.io.Serializable; import javax.persistence.CascadeType; import javax ... .persistence.OneToMany; @Entity public class TESTObject implements Serializable{     private ... (not arrays of arrays) - @Entity public class TESTObject2 implements Serializable{     private

Join query problem with new statetment

here. InspirationsPerSupplierResult is defined like this: public class InspirationsPerSupplierResult implements Serializable ... Inspiration extends BaseEntity implements Serializable, Convertable {     @GeneratedValue(strategy ... public class Product extends BaseEntity implements Serializable, Convertable {     @GeneratedValue

TemporalType injection with Calendar using JPA

implements Serializable { private Calendar beginTime; private Calendar endTime; private ... implements Serializable { private TimePeriod id; private List<Point> points; public ... . @Embeddable @Access(AccessType.PROPERTY) public class TimePeriod implements Serializable

Beginners questions

which looks like this: @Entity(name="RESULT") public class EBResult extends Pojo implements Serializable ... Serializable { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; @Id @Column(name = "ID ... ") public class EBUser extends Pojo implements Serializable{ private static final long

Query on Embedded Primary Key?

code here - just run it) Thanks EKK package DBbug; import java.io.Serializable; import java ... ; import javax.persistence.TypedQuery; @Entity public class OBJ2 implements Serializable ... ();     }             @Embeddable public static class Primkey2 implements Serializable {     public long field1;     public

Query to find object from element of a contained collection

class OrderData implements Serializable {     ...     private OrderItemData[] items = null;     ... } public class OrderItemData implements Serializable {     ...     private String itemId = null;     ... } lo Hoel Although serializable objects that are not entity or embeddable classes

Problem with merging / persisitng objects with @Embeddable field

entities looks like this: @Entity public class ProductKit extends BaseEntity implements Serializable ... ; @Embeddable public class ProductSet implements Serializable { @ManyToMany(fetch = FetchType.EAGER ... extends BaseEntity implements Serializable, Convertable { @ManyToMany(targetEntity = ProductSet

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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