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server.exe on 32bit and 64bit Windows

_HOME and JRE_HOME set.  The temporary workaround was to create a .bat file

Enforce Second Level cache

In my application I have an entity with few transient Collection fields, these are constantly updateing very fast and access to those fields is needs to be fast too, thus I dont persist them (also this information is temporary and doesent need to be kept). I suppose

Optimization of Map Queries

) Is there anything I could do for shortening the query string? I guess there's no such thing as a "temporary

Heap Limit reached although the option '' is activated

.page-file, which may work and move modified database pages (after flush) to a temporary file

ObjectDB 2.4.0

> Improved temporary file management including avoiding permission collision

JPA 2.2 LocalDate still not working

. This is a temporary limitation, which will probably be fixed in future versions. support Support