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Error using query with MAX() function

with my data. awhawks Adam W. Hawks Thank you for the update and thanks again for the bug report ... commit after every update it seems to work. If I commit every 1000 updates it fails. awhawks Adam W ... (); em.clear(); } awhawks Adam W. Hawks Thank you for the update. I am more worried

Entity Type is not found (error 301) in Query

dao, UpdateMap update) throws Exception {     List<Base> list = null;     HashMap<String, Object> map = new HashMap<String, Object>();     if (update == null) {         map.put("email", getEmail ... .getCanonicalName()      + " u where u.email = :email", map);     } else {         Update m = update

Performance in large transactions

transaction, i.e. when there are no updates to the database since the last commit, is more efficient. If there are updates, ObjectDB may have to apply them before running the query, and in a multitasked application, these uncommitted updates may have to be applied each time again and again, in order

Is it possible to remove parent/child entities without refresh?

to have an updated parent/child object tree in memory. But entityManager.refresh is too slow for our project ... the application should update both sides of the relationship, rather than calling refresh after updating ... () I got an objectdb exception (error 613). I have updated the unit test in the first item

Vacuum - Reclaiming Unused Space In Odb

and updates. This is creating a lot of unused space in the database that we are wanting to reclaim ... updates. You can also check for a specific update in the slave and if it exists, all preceding updates


to be automatically updated in process A. So, do I need to refresh objects before using them? I would have thought ... A cannot be aware to the change in process B automatically - an attempt to apply such automatic updates by ObjectDB would be very inefficient. But you can do that update explicitly in your application - e.g. by

ObjectDB current status of the BIRT plugin

Just now I downloaded Eclipse Kepler Reporting. First step was to add the update site ... . Unfortunately Eclipse gave me an error not being able to contact the software update site. My questions: - Is there a mistake in the tutorial or is the software update site (temporarily) not available

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on flush

problems in early versions of ObjectDB 2.x where related to managing large objects. Do you use update queries? Update queries are new and maybe they do not handle large objects correctly. support Support ... to rule out the build 08 being the cause - i will reapply this update as the same problem seems to occur

BIRT Driver Improvements

Adam The BIRT driver has been updated and now it can work on Eclipse 3.7. In addition, the plugin ... (if you use Eclipse 3.7 you will have to specify the following update site - http://download.eclipse.org/birt/update-site/3.7). The driver (as 2 Eclipse bundles) is also attached, so you can just drop

Threaded Test - Failed to commit transaction: Unexpected internal exception

and for the update. support Support A follow up questions to this - I'm not sure if its linked so let me know ... . However, on to the next problem. I've now updated my test so that the persistable object has an Id and I ... . I'm hoping to add these fields as indexes. I've attached the updated test code, the full stack trace

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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