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unable to update table in slave server database

server is down ,in slave server during update operation in table getting below issues. Failed ... .doCommitInsert(ObjDBem.java:75) at code.db.jpa.oodb.ObjDBem.Update(ObjDBem.java:224) This is the configuration ... is updated by the master, updating the slave will break synchronization when the master starts

OutOfMemoryError on search after update on DB created with DB Doctor

about 540 thousand records. At this stage there is no problem when searching and updating. 3. We run ... . Try a searching and all appears to be fine. 6. Do an update, any update to any record and all appears to be fine. 7. Do a search after the update, any search and CPU use shoots up to > 100% use

Update is ignored by ObjectDB

Hi! Sorry for my bad english skills. When I execute fulfilOrder, only Order entity is updated in ... Sadovnikov Try to replace direct field update:     user.money += item.total with update using a new ... . It's realy a great project! Best Regards, Vladimir! mastervoland Vladimir Sadovnikov Automatic update

Massive schema update

is, Is there any way to migrate all the objects to the new schema after I wrote the shema update ... update (including using the <schema> configuration element) is minimal. After an old object is updated ... to enforce updates of all the objects in order to avoid recurring schema conversions. support Support

How to disable Transparent Update.

How to disable Transparent Update. I have done 2 task in a single transaction. 1. Find a entity by a em.find(Class<t> cls,Object o) and change some fields.(not updating) 2. Persist a new entity. But i found the in 1st case the changed value was updated. I have attached the sample program

persists and update together ?

UPDATE c=VALUES(a)+VALUES(b); This query , inserts data or updates if its already available ... available then update if its available, if not add new object to db. This will make more cycle then on mysql on top. Is there any shortcut persists object if its not available , if its available just update

JPQL: Update fails using external object param

for an UPDATE query: UPDATE Book b set b.title="aaaa" where b.language.language="en" It returns ... supported in JPQL UPDATE queries. A better error message should be produced by ObjectDB. See also this forum thread. support Support

Schema update: package, class and field

the "defined" schema update and then the "automatic" schema update or is that a coincidence? Example ... the schema update mechanism (which generally works well), but you will have to be aware and report if it stops working in a future version. support Support

Update query bug

Some code. Problem in UPDATE query. TypedQuery<List<Transport>> query = (TypedQuery<List ... ); list.add(temp); TypedQuery<Person> query2 = (TypedQuery<Person>) em.createQuery("UPDATE Person p ... .Main.main(Main.java:22) Martynas Martynas This UPDATE query is invalid because JPQL UPDATE queries

ObjectDB BIRT Driver Update

is fixed for all 2.x versions. However, since the client-server protocol is occasionally being updated ... if there is no match. There is a report of an exception on attempt to update the ObjectDB BIRT plugin in ... server versions, and maybe also help with updating the plugin in an existing Eclipse workspace

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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