Step 1: Create a Java Project

We start by creating a new NetBeans Project:

  • Open the [New Project] dialog box, e.g. by using File > New Project...
  • Select Java > Java Application and click Next.
  • Choose a Project Name (e.g. Tutorial).
  • The name of the Main class should be tutorial.Main. Verify that exactly this case sensitive fully qualified class name is set (you may use copy & paste).
  • Click the Finish button to create the project.

To add ObjectDB/JPA support for the project:

  • Right click the Libraries folder in the [Projects] window and select Add Jar/Folder...
  • Select the objectdb.jar file from the bin subdirectory of the ObjectDB installation directory and click Open.

Now you should have a new NetBeans project with ObjectDB/JPA support.

The next step is creating a JPA Entity class.