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Deleting a broken reference that was fixed to null in the ExplorerBug ReoprtNormalFixed2018-02-02
Feature suggestion: Improved Maven Enhancer supportFeature RequestNormalActive2018-01-25
ClassCastException in Tuple.getBug ReoprtNormalFixed2018-01-16
Internal exception: NPE on criteria query with IN clause and empty collectionBug ReoprtNormalFixed2017-12-19
Collection update does not increase entity version and is not persistedBug ReoprtNormalFixed2017-12-19
huge heap usageBug ReoprtNormalClosed2017-12-04
Incorrect entity returned by queryBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2017-12-01
Corrupt database pageBug ReoprtNormalClosed2017-12-01
Cascade.ALL with LAZY fetchtype does not clean up all references on removeBug ReoprtNormalFixed2017-11-27
Bug when using SIZE in combination with date lower parameterBug ReoprtNormalFixed2017-11-24

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