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cannot delete objects after crash (see issue 2283)Bug ReoprtCriticalFixed2018-05-07
Errors after unexpected server shutdownBug ReoprtHighDuplicate2018-05-07
Sometimes cascade persist does not work during commitBug ReoprtHighActive2018-04-25
log entry and massive performance issuesBug ReoprtNormalActive2018-04-20
several times a day queries take several minutesBug ReoprtNormalActive2018-04-20
DB persist operation results are not available for another Thread/EntityManager immdiatelyBug ReoprtCriticalDuplicate2018-04-17
Can not have unique index on Byte ArrayBug ReoprtHighClosed2018-04-16
Exception on comparing array fields against parameters in queriesBug ReoprtNormalFixed2018-04-12
500 Internal Server Error on creating a new issueWebsite IssueNormalFixed2018-04-02
Internal ExceptionBug ReoprtHighClosed2018-03-17

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