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[ObjectDB 2.5.1_05] Unexpected exception (Error 990)Bug ReoprtNormalDuplicate2017-10-26
Error whilst runningBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2017-10-26
query only reports 1 resultBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2017-10-26
again merger missing logs + objectdb exceptionBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2017-10-26
Null pointer exception being thrown from within ObjectDB.Bug ReoprtNormalActive2017-10-03
delete of a collection in explorer changes typeBug ReoprtNormalClosed2017-10-03
Close() Method of EMF throwing "PersistenceException: Connection is closed" on first attempt to close.Bug ReoprtHighClosed2017-09-27
Removing of an entity removes also another entity typeBug ReoprtNormalClosed2017-08-28
Error during closing an entity managerBug ReoprtNormalFixed2017-08-11
OutOfMemoryError, if close the entity managerBug ReoprtCriticalClosed2017-08-07

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