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Application not starting after enhancementBug ReoprtNormalClosed2021‑03‑08
Cannot activate ObjectDBBug ReoprtNormalActive2021‑02‑15
Collision Between Different Schema Versions of Entity ClassesBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2021‑02‑06
Table view freezes the programBug ReoprtNormalFixed2021‑01‑18
Table view does not work for queriesBug ReoprtNormalFixed2021‑01‑13
Hard it is to add a record with explorerFeature RequestNormalFixed2021‑01‑13
Object creation in the Explorer requires automatically set primary keysBug ReoprtNormalActive2021‑01‑13
Running the Activator requires Java 6 or above.Bug ReoprtNormalFixed2021‑01‑13
Explorer table viewBug ReoprtNormalFixed2021‑01‑04
date parameter not working (probably) in explorerBug ReoprtNormalFixed2020‑12‑28