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Using SELECT BETWEEN with LocalDateBug ReoprtNormalFixed2020-11-09
[ObjectDB 2.8.3_01] Unexpected exception (Error 990)Bug ReoprtCriticalClosed2020-10-25
NullPointerException using with "refresh" methodBug ReoprtCriticalActive2020-09-29
Exception makes the system unusable for several minutesBug ReoprtHighActive2020-07-29
com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Failed to locate set method for field property using reflectionBug ReoprtLowActive2020-07-21
JPA 2.2 LocalDate still not workingFeature RequestNormalFixed2020-07-09
How to check what is taking most space in DB fileFeature RequestNormalFixed2020-07-08
java 8 LocalDateTime is not working in queryBug ReoprtNormalFixed2020-07-07
queries more than 10 times slower using 2.8.1 versus 2.7.6Bug ReoprtNormalClosed2020-06-23
selective update not workingDocumentationHighClosed2020-06-11

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