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combined index not usedBug ReoprtNormalFixed2020‑11‑10
Using SELECT BETWEEN with LocalDateBug ReoprtNormalFixed2020‑11‑09
[ObjectDB 2.8.3_01] Unexpected exception (Error 990)Bug ReoprtCriticalClosed2020‑10‑25
NullPointerException using with "refresh" methodBug ReoprtCriticalActive2020‑09‑29
Exception makes the system unusable for several minutesBug ReoprtHighActive2020‑07‑29
com.objectdb.o._PersistenceException: Failed to locate set method for field property using reflectionBug ReoprtLowActive2020‑07‑21
JPA 2.2 LocalDate still not workingFeature RequestNormalFixed2020‑07‑09
How to check what is taking most space in DB fileFeature RequestNormalFixed2020‑07‑08
java 8 LocalDateTime is not working in queryBug ReoprtNormalFixed2020‑07‑07
queries more than 10 times slower using 2.8.1 versus 2.7.6Bug ReoprtNormalClosed2020‑06‑23