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Cannot activate ObjectDBBug ReoprtNormalActive2021-02-15
Collision Between Different Schema Versions of Entity ClassesBug ReoprtCriticalFixed2021-02-06
Table view freezes the programBug ReoprtNormalFixed2021-01-18
Table view does not work for queriesBug ReoprtNormalFixed2021-01-13
Hard it is to add a record with explorerFeature RequestNormalFixed2021-01-13
Object creation in the Explorer requires automatically set primary keysBug ReoprtNormalActive2021-01-13
Running the Activator requires Java 6 or above.Bug ReoprtNormalFixed2021-01-13
Explorer table viewBug ReoprtNormalFixed2021-01-04
date parameter not working (probably) in explorerBug ReoprtNormalFixed2020-12-28
combined index not usedBug ReoprtNormalFixed2020-11-10

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