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Embedded server feature

server with SSD 1 JVM running on it 2 web applications on Tomcat 1 ObjectDB Server deployed, in embedded server mode 2 ObjectDB databases for those 2 webapps, both would use the server in embedded mode for stellar performance distant access

unable to update table in slave server database

clustering when master server is down ,in slave server during update operation in table getting ... the switch between the slave and the master by your application, by connecting to the slave ... , etc. (externally to ObjectDB by manipulating the file system from the application). support Support

Get activation code for a server with no Internet connection

Hello, We bought a license, but the server is not connected ... on that server. It does not require an Internet connection. The output of the activation console application is a url that you can open on another computer that is connected to the Internet

Processing thread count for 8-core server

of threads for the processing thread pool in order to get good performance for our 8-core server ... will require some tuning tests on your side, since it depends on the specific application. support Support

Shared (L2) Entity Cache

of this cache makes it useful in applications that use many short term EntityManagerserver side: Cache of server side caches is wider, since they exist per database and are shared by all the

Server NPE

I'm getting the following NPE when attempting to persist an object to a server based database: [2011-11-13 09:11:47 #11 server] java.lang ... > support Support Spot on - further investigation shows this is actually an application

Errors after unexpected server shutdown

After an unexpected server shutdown and restart of our application we have these messages in the log (complete log attached): … [2018-03-26 14:39:30 #1096 store] Request Value: 10:'b61e33d4-8d57-478d-9176-6aa0e2031470' [2018-03-26 14:39:30 #1097 store

What is the Java Persistence API (JPA)?

within Java applications. The main advantage of JPA over JDBC (the older Java API for interacting ... provider) is needed in order to interact with a relational database such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server or ... the Java application (as classes and objects). ObjectDB is the only database management

Step 1: Create a Web Project

We start by creating a new NetBeans Web Application Project: Open ... >Select Java Web > Web Application and click Next. Select Apache Tomcat 6 as the Server. Note: You may have to add

Spring MVC JPA Tutorial - IntelliJ Project

> Define the Server: Select File > Settings > Application Servers. Add Tomcat 6 Server if not set already (Tomcat has to be downloaded ... >, click the + icon and select Tomcat Server > Local. Enter a name (e