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Pre-detach loading: retrieval by navigation not working in if statement

enhancement instead of using -javaagent? Please post relevant byte code after enhancement. support Support > Have you tried build time enhancement instead of using -javaagent? I don't usually, because I ... " when using per-file ObjectDB enhancement (as described at this forum posting), but I should be able

Unexpected internal exception during set field of an Embeddable to null

, which unexpectedly happens to be smaller. During enhancement of the SignalValueImpl class field originalValue was the 4th field. Assuming that there may have been a schema change since that enhancement rebuilding the project and enhancing all classes again may solve the issue. If it doesn't please upload

PersistenceException: Failed to locate field

if you mix old and new enhancement. Please make sure that after the change you only use a clean build of your application with fresh enhancement. support Support Thanks, though I've been using this enhancement for ages (I think it's actually means no enhancement, serialization only): <entities

evictAll() behavior

) classes are not enhanced. ObjectDB supports working with no enhancement as an extension to JDO ... are not enhanced - enhancing them could solve the problem without any additional action (such as evict ... : __odbTracker ENT, jdoFlags, jdoStateManager so as i understand they are enhanced Tomasz Tomasz Wozniak OK

NoSuchFieldError: __odbTracker on NetBeans 7.3 + JBoss 7.1.1

Thanks for your help. galandor Orlov Sergey This exception indicates a missing enhancement, i.e. City is enhanced but its super class AbstractMethod is not enhanced. It is indeed weird ... enhancement, which should guarantee that the project is fully enhanced when deployed. support

ObjectDB 2.8 Developer's Guide

ObjectDB Tools: the Explorer, the Enhancer, the Doctor, etc. Describes the ObjectDB configuration

Running JPA Queries

an enhanced for loop: for (Country c : results) { System.out.println(c.getName()); } Note

ObjectDB-2.6.9: Failed to commit transaction: Failed to set numeric value of field property Element.id using reflection

. There is an Ant script with post-compile enhancement of all entity classes. When you clean and build it will report: Java/JVM version: 1.8 Java/JVM detail version: 1.8.0_74 ObjectDB enhancer: begin: (all classes within entity packages): javac.classpath:lib/objectdb-2.6.9.jar [ObjectDB 2.6.9 Enhancer] 8


PersistenceManager, object identity, and version if it has one. In the Reference Implementation, the JDO Enhancer ... environment. The Reference Enhancer also adds code to implement the methods defined by PersistenceCapable ... has been enhanced to call the jdoStateManager on read if the jdoFlags setting is not READ_OK or READ_WRITE_OK


into this instance. This method is not modified by the enhancer. Derived fields ... . This method is not modified by the enhancer. Since: JDO 2.0 void jdoPreDelete() Called before ... the enhancer so that fields referenced can be used in the business logic of the method. Since: JDO 2.0 void

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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