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Dynamic Metadata (JDO 3.0)

Metadata api/java/jpa/annotations">JPA Annotations JDO XML Metadata (e.g. package.jdo) api/java/jdo/annotations">JDO Annotations JDO 3 introduces the ability to specify and query metadata of persistable types

Storing JPA Entity Objects

the api/java/jpa/EntityManager/persist_Object">persist method or implicitly as ... ", "Wurzelbacher"); em.api/java/jpa/EntityManager/getTransaction">getTransaction().api/java/jpa/EntityTransaction/begin">begin(); em.api/java/jpa/EntityManager/persist

JPA Lifecycle Events

methods with empty implementations: api/java/jpa/Entity">@Entity public static class MyEntityWithCallbacks { api/java/jpa/PrePersist">@PrePersist void onPrePersist() {} api/java/jpa/PostPersist">@PostPersist void

JPA Persistence Unit

to instantiate an api/java/jpa/EntityManagerFactory/close">EntityManagerFactoryapi/java/jpa ... demonstrated above. XML Mapping Metadata ObjectDB supports using XML metadata

[ODB1] Chapter 2 - A Quick Tour

> be declared in a JDO metadata file in XML format. include a no-arg ... ). If it is declared as persistent in a JDO metadata file, it can easily become persistent using the JDO enhancer. JDO Metadata Every persistent class must be declared as persistent in


> Implementing Classes: api/java/jdo/JDOHelper ... "> String api/java/jdo/Constants/ANONYMOUS_PERSISTENCE_MANAGER ... api/java/jdo/Constants/ELEMENT_INSTANCE_LIFECYCLE_LISTENER

[ODB1] Chapter 9 - ObjectDB Explorer

command). Notice that JDO metadata for the class (as discussed in metadata) for a persistent class ... . This tool is useful when adding a new index (in the JDO metadata) to a class that already has persistent


> Superinterfaces: api/java/jpa/EntityManager ... ="/api/java/jdo/PersistenceManager" title="Interface in javax.jdo">PersistenceManager void api/java/jdo/PersistenceManager

[ODB1] Chapter 3 - Persistent Classes

has to: be declared in a JDO metadata file in XML format. include ... described above, developers only have to provide the JDO metadata declaration. Chapter 4 explains how to write the JDO metadata declaration. Aside from


to register metadata for persistence-capable classes and to perform common operations needed by ... "> void api/java/jdo/spi/JDOImplHelper/checkAuthorizedStateManager ... ( api/java/jdo/spi/StateManager" title="Interface in javax.jdo.spi