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remove & persist in same transaction => Attempt to reuse an existing primary key value

this without the workaround. support Support ObjectDB version 2.7.0 fixes this issue. Thank you for the report. support Support Thank you for the fix. It works. btc_es BTC EmbeddedSystems Build 2.7.5_07 fixes this issue again after unknown regression. support

Merge Issue: Attempt to reuse an existing primary key value

instances at the end of the test. Until that fix 3 B instances were stored in the database, so this test failed with build 2.4.6_16 and passed with build 2.4.6_17. The fix includes using new entity objects ... version ( so before the fix ). Test has run succesfully ... I am a little

ObjectDB can't be activated

. We will try to provide a fix as early as we can next week.   fix this issue. support Support No its not fixed ... > To test the fix please run activation again using the new build. support Support As i wrote

ObjectDB 2.5.2

> Added support of old Spring Framework versions (with JPA 1.0). Fixed ... > Fixed a class loading conflict with Log4j. Fixed very slow processing of a composite BETWEEN query. Fixed

Removed entities can be found by query in the same transaction

fixes issue #2280 but seems to cause new issues. We will check ... other transactions after that flush were not visible to that transaction (until commit). Build 2.7.4_04 fixed ... BTC EmbeddedSystems It is possible that the fix in build 2.7.4_04, which improves visibility

InternalException when using MEMBER OF on a large list in a query

was fixed a few years ago and since then this is the first report. First, please check your database with the Doctor. If the error repeats, try to fix the database by running the Doctor in repair ... - it wouldn't be possible to understand and fix the issue without this help. Build 2.6.3_04

ObjectDB 2.5.5

server that is already running (avoiding further attempts). Fixed a memory issue with using ObjectDB with JBoss. Fixed query execution issues with using composite indexes. Fixed a bug in using LIKE operator in some combinations

ObjectDB 2.7.5

#2299). Fixed a bug in restricting server access to a range of IPs (issue #2292). Fixed a bug in comparing array fields against parameters in queries (issue #2289). Fixed a bug in retrieving new objects

ObjectDB 2.6.8

> Fixed an OptimisticLockException bug on commit after flushing a removed modified entity object. Fixed a NullPointerExeption on new index building. Fixed

ObjectDB 2.0.5

Fixed Java Agent / Java EE / Spring enhancement bug. Fixed a bug in merging detached entity objects. Fixed unexpected NullPointerException in client server mode. Fixed