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Remove an entity which attributes were changed - OptimisticLockException

">OptimisticLockException if user 1 is committing or flushing the changes before user 2 is trying ... two different users. Note that user 1 may flush the changes implicitly by running a query. You can run flush_mode_setflushmode">specific queries

Removed entities can be found by query in the same transaction

although the resulted entity have an attribute __odbtracker/m (type STA, value=Persistent-Deleted-Flushed) which shows that the entity is deleted and flushed. The bug was introduced with ObjectDB Version 2.7 ... and the change was flushed but not committed yet then the database maintains at least two different snapshots


Enum Constant javax.persistence.FlushModeTypeAUTO (Default) Flushing


"> Get the flush mode that applies to all objects contained in the persistence context.


the ordering upon flushing to the database to reflect any insertion, deletion, or reordering affecting


when an pessimistic locking conflict occurs. This exception may be thrown as part of an API call, a flush or


classes in the cache are first flushed to the datastore. Instances in the cache or brought into the cache


>beforeCompletion method is called prior to flushing instances to the data store


and embedded instances. Dirty instances of affected classes in the cache are first flushed


method is called prior to flushing instances to the data store. The