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General Settings and Logging

;general> <temp path="$temp/ObjectDB" threshold="64mb" /> <network inactivity-timeout ... inactivity-timeout="0" /> The <network> element has one attribute, inactivity-timeout, which specifies when network sockets become obsolete as a result

Server connection management

the server to close connections after a period of inactivity. Also, how does the client deal ... after it becomes accessible again. Inactivity Timeout You can set the inactivity timeout in seconds

Log is almost empty (log level 'trace')

because of reusing sockets, which become obsolete (e.g. due to inactivity) by the operating ... a non zero inactivity timeout (e.g. 600 seconds) may solve the problem. support Support ... config. Regarding 'Inactivity period', I indeed saw several messages in log about reuse

no query result

and finally the completion but still it is inactive by the way, we do not have any toolbars ... it seems that these issues are solved. About the inactive index, it is unclear why it is inactive ... was started during the reindexing and the inactive was not refreshed. Issue solved   hgzpincher Hans-Georg Zwicker

Query becomes slower on moving from ObjectDB 1.x to ObjectDB 2.x

that you uploaded there is an index on field logEntryId, which is inactive. An inactive index is usually the result of adding a new index ... diagnosis mode) but currently inactive indexes are not detected. Anyway, this procedure

ObjectDB shuts down

. It always happens in the morning ie. after several hours of inactivity although we are not sure ... down if the port communication is idle, or some similar inactivity. When inspecting the log it doesn’t ... to check the inactivity setting

500Mb ObjectDb database opening issue

500Mb ObjectDb database opening issue

EntityManagerFactory Fails To Swtich Over To Slave When Master Is Unavailable

;             <network inactivity-timeout ... ;          <network inactivity-timeout="5" />

Replication error on slave restart

; <temp path="$temp" threshold="128mb" /> <network inactivity-timeout="0" /> <url ... ;network inactivity-timeout="0" />   <url-history size="50" user="true" password="true" />

[ODB1] Chapter 8 - ObjectDB Server

the maximum allowed connection inactivity time (in seconds). If a connection is inactive