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significant performance decrease

;server> <connection port="6136" max="100" /> <data path="$objectdb/db" /> <

How to run JPA query on Terminal instead of explorer.jar??

(assuming ports are not blocked by a Firewall, etc.) support Support oh yeah

OutofMemory error with Object DB 2.0

; <connection port="6136" max="100" /> <data path="$objectdb/db" /> <!-- <

BIRT plugin: Trouble with Client/Server connection

; <connection port="6136" max="100" /> <data path="D:\***\***\data

First query takes 4+ minutes to complete

; </schema> <server> <connection port="6136" max="100" /> <

Logging problem on attempt to start a Server that is already running

the server, if the port is in use, until it becomes available. Build 2.5.4_01 changes

Possible issue for default id generator

to generate a runtime error, but maybe to ease porting applications from other JPA providers

ObjectDB 2.6.0

properties (issue #1561). Fixed porting to Java 8 of database

log entry and massive performance issues

and connect via embedded server port 3333 -- set up a non optimized query (simple select)

Database access error , Doctor hanging on trying to repair, production shutdown at our biggest customer

we have a database shutdown, logs are showing: [2017-07-10 21:07:23 #1 store] Database 'F:\Hummingbird\Objectdb\db\coreSystemDb.odb' is opened by 11028@wzbhb101 [2017-07-10 21:07:23 #2 server] Server on port 3333 has started by 11028@wzbhb101