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How to pass a list in query for a list field of entity.

.setParameter("so", soList); List<Agent> ents = qry.getResultList(); Manoj Manoj Kumar

fetch by enum

I have Entity named Fruits  with a column Type which is a enum. I want to fetch the based on Type  Eg.  Query qry= em.createQuery("Select f from Fruits f where f.Type =: t ");         qry.setParameter("t",Type

Query with FETCH JOIN returns multiple results instead of one.

JOIN FETCH WHERE d=:demand") .setParameter("demand", demand).getResultList();

Should derived fields of an EmbeddedId be manually maintained by app code?

.createNamedQuery("numberOfMapItems"); q.setParameter("container", this); q.setFlushMode

Object comparation never matches

; .setParameter("principal", authentication.getPrincipal()).getSingleResult(); According

JBOSS AS7 7.1.1 - Entity not persisted and createNamedQuery fire exception

( "Guest.findByName", Guest.class )     .setParameter( "name", name.toLowerCase

Restrict by class in query

.setParameter("name", folderName).getResultList(); } I would have assumed that the class

Feature Request: Subclassed PersistenceException for Type Not Found in DB Schema

.setParameter("chain", Integer.parseInt(chain));         try {

Wrong type on SUM function

; resultList = q.setParameter("cuenta", this).getResultList(); The problem is about SUM on cc

JPQL support for mapped by (inverse) collections

; .setParameter("list", new ArrayList(list1)).getResultList();