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ORDER BY problem, when String starts with language specific character

(             "SELECT e.name FROM MyEntity e ORDER BY e.getNormName()");         query.setParameter("names", Arrays

Join query problem with new statetment

)",     InspirationsPerSupplierResult.class); inspirationQuery.setParameter(1, sup); Nothing special

Embedded List

", ItemDB.class).setParameter(1, strSupPart); strSupPart is the part I am looking for in my Embedded List

Cannot save or update entity on Spring App

.createQuery(query); for(String s : map.keySet()) q.setParameter(s, map.get(s

JBOSS AS7 7.1.1 - Entity not persisted and createNamedQuery fire exception

.createNamedQuery( "Guest.findByName", Guest.class )     .setParameter( "name", name.toLowerCase

IN operator syntax

.setParameter("list", Arrays.asList(4, 5)); support Support Are you planning to support literal list in near

Cast exception?

I'm getting a weird exception: java.lang.ClassCastException: database.entity.Player cannot be cast to database.entity.Player From just fetching a single result: TypedQuery<Player> query = em.createNamedQuery("Player.getPlayer", Player.class); Player player = query.setParameter("id", uid

Performance in SELECT statement

, TestEntity.class); query.setParameter("state", EnumSet.of(State.NEW, State.ACKNOWLEDGED)); List

fetch by enum

I have Entity named Fruits with a column Type which is a enum. I want to fetch the based on Type Eg. Query qry= em.createQuery("Select f from Fruits f where f.Type =: t "); qry.setParameter("t",Type.Sweet); But it return a null result list. Manoj Manoj Kumar Maharana It should work. Please provide

Unexpected Exception (Error 990) with ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

.setParameter("id", results.get(0).getId()) .executeUpdate(); em.getTransaction().commit

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