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Configure ObjectDB in spring context

name="url" value="jdbc:hsqldb:file:db/jminer"/> <property name="username" value="sa ... .springframework.jdbc.datasource.DriverManagerDataSource"> <property name="url" value ... .getRequiredProperty("objectdb.db.url")); return emf; } } I've used

ObjectDB within a resource adapter module and Java EE Connector Architecture

(which can also be an ObjectDB database url) in the unitName parameter of Maybe we can extend the way that ObjectDB interprets urls as implicit ... to $objectdb in the url) with a value from a system property. Check what can work

Replicated cluster recovery

> Switching is automatic - between a main url and backup urls, which may also reference ...   hare is the connection url:

_PersistenceException: Failed to open file

;property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="$objectdb://localhost:8080/db/guests.odb"/> ... > hussamcs Ibrahim Hussam The url that you were trying to use is invalid. Please notice ... > is the local ObjectDB home directory. Your url should be:

JSON serialization and __odbHidden members

.1; rv:15.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/15.0",        "url": "user ... ) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/15.0",        "url": "user/reguser"    ... ",        "url": "user/reguser"    }, // and so on

persistence.xml classes not respected by ObjectDB

;properties> <property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="objectdb://localhost/xxx/p1 ... ;property name="javax.persistence.jdbc.url" value="objectdb://localhost/xxx/p2.odb"/> < ... .persistence.jdbc.url" value="objectdb://localhost/xxx/p2.odb"/>     <property

best practice for DB recovery

, and when the master fails, switch your web application to the slave (not by using a dual url, but by using only the master url and when it fails switching to the slave url by your DAO layer).

How to have a distribuited GWT application with ObjectDB and Spring?

to access the other remote databases via URL...I would need some explanation on how to do it, or ... runs its own ObjectDB database as a database server, each database has a unique url and each database can be accessed by that url. In standard JPA you may define several persistence units, one for each

docker documentation

>   Now here's the strange bit, the license url truncates some of the output! for example, here is the correct url when the activation is done manually: but when done with the above program, the url

Automatic Switch to Replicated Server Limitations

/replication#connecting_to_the_database_cluster">composite url. Currently this feature has the following limitations: The first server in the composite url ... the ability of automatic url switch. support Support