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JPA JPQL WHERE clause for IN :variable not working if variable is a list of Enums

JPA JPQL WHERE clause for IN :variable not working if variable is a list of Enums

FROM clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

The FROM clause declares query identification variables that represent iteration over objects in the database. A query identification variable is similar to a variable of a Java enhanced for loop in a program, since both are used for iteration over objects. Range Variables Range variables are query

Paths and Types in JPQL and Criteria API

classes) are represented in JPQL by the following types of expressions: Variables - FROM identification variables and SELECT result variables. Parameters - when instances of these classes are assigned ... with an instance of a user defined class (represented by a variable, parameter or prefix path expression

JPA Query Structure (JPQL / Criteria)

clause declares one or more query variables (also known as identification variables). Query variables are similar to loop variables in programming languages. Each query variable represents iteration over objects in the database. A query variable that is bound to an entity class is referred to as

WHERE clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

over all the Country objects in the database using the c range variable. Before passing these Country ... indexes are defined. WHERE Filter in Multi Variable Queries In a multi-variable query the FROM clause ... the WHERE clause are passed through to the SELECT. In multi-variable queries the number of tuples

Criteria Query From Elements

Variables The FROM clause in JPA queries (as in SQL) defines the query variables. Query variables are represented in criteria queries by descendant interfaces of the From interface: Range variables (bound by an entity class) are represented by the Root subinterface: Join variables (bound by

Weird issue with variable naming

hi, We've hit again against troubles with the variable naming when trying to get the query string ... us without ordering. The issue is that the name of the root variable is $1 as well as the name of our left join variable becomes $1. We're also adding a custom function expression in where clause


Method javax.jdo.Query void declareVariables( String variables ) Declare the unbound variables to be used in the query. Variables might be used in the filter, and these variables must be declared with their type. The unbound variable declaration is a String containing one or more unbound variable


Static Field javax.jdo.Constants String OPTION_UNCONSTRAINED_QUERY_VARIABLES "javax.jdo.option.UnconstrainedQueryVariables" Since: JDO 2.1 See Also: PersistenceManagerFactory.supportedOptions()

[ODB1] Chapter 7 - JDOQL Queries

other optional components, such as parameters, variables and import and order expressions ... all the elements that can be used in a JDOQL query filter, except for parameters and variables ... and variable objects (parameters and variables are discussed later in this chapter). The expression

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