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Storing JPA Entity Objects

is thrown. The exception is thrown either by persist (if that existing entity object is currently

Database Doctor

is not in the current directory a path to it has to be specified. The tool main class is com.objectdb

Database Transaction Replayer

.Replayer my.odb If objectdb.jar is not in the current directory a path to it has to be specified

Paths and Types in JPQL and Criteria API

, the current FROM variable (or FROM tuple when there are multiple variables) is simply skipped

What are the system requirements for using ObjectDB?

ObjectDB requires Java 5 or later (Java 6 is preferred). As a pure Java application, ObjectDB should be able to run on any platform that supports the Java Standard Edition. Either the Java Development Kit (JDK) or the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can be used. A version of ObjectDB for .NET is currently under development.

combined index not used

we take an endDate that is 30 days from the current date (in your case the date of the last Action). The endDate ... of time remained when you copy directories with many files in Windows, which is very inaccurate ... list of candidate query plans. The following list shows the actual execution time of each query plan

Schema Update

ObjectDB tries to apply the specified schema updates every time a database is opened. When using client

Java EE JPA Tutorial - Maven Project

The current directory should be guestbook-jee6. You will have to deploy the generated WAR file in

JPA Web App Tutorial - Maven Project

The current directory should be guestbook-web (containing the pom.xml file) and port 8080 has to be available

Getting Started with JPA - Maven Project

and run the application from the command line by: > mvn test The current directory

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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