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IDs of Entities suddenly became UUIDs?

Hi, We're having our system with ObjectDB 2.4.5 in production since this year ... are having the field "myId" as type "String" and with an UUID!?? How could that have happened ... of them having mixed Long and UUID String ids in the same entity type!?? Alex

JPQL query to get entities that does not have a child entity in their child entities

; 004 From these 2 tables I have to query for Jobs having states FINISHED, CANCELED, FAILED and ACTIVE. FINISHED:   A Job having status 'Finished'. CANCELED: A Job having status '%Canceled' and not ('Finished').

Updating Entities

> That said - I don't like the fact that I'm having to cycle through each Employee object ... OK. Note that having a separate object context for every EntityManager ... . The downside to this is having to collect each object that needs to have its reference updated


> Returns: having clause predicate


more easily by having an application object associated with each PersistenceManager


callbacks can be defined to use a life-cycle listener pattern instead of having the domain class


by the security manager. To avoid having every call go through the security manager


> Get the objects managed by this persistence manager having

getManagedObjects(states, classes)

managed by this persistence manager having the specified object states and being instances


>PersistenceManager instances more easily by having an application object associated with each