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the tutorial netbeans and javaee6 dont work,

hi . i am Mauro . i have tried the tutorial for the objectDB and netbeans and JAvaee6 I have insert the persistencex.ml like tutorial (for the embedded mode) . but when i have insert the name into form for to save the new guest into db , i get the following message from glassfsih: HTTP Status 404

Eclipse4 RCP - No Persistence provider for EntityManager

advance paddy Patrick Gerhardt You may try embedding it into objectdb.jar, although not very pretty ... .registerEntity(LocalEntity.class); storageSvc.insert(new LocalEntity()); List<LocalEntity> l ... (without the insert) I get a ClassCastException (LocalEntity cannot be cast to LocalEntity)... I know

persists and update together ?

hello on mysql i've seen; INSERT INTO table (a,b,c) VALUES (1,2,3),(4,5,6) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE c=VALUES(a)+VALUES(b); This query , inserts data or updates if its already available and this will reduce finding same object again. On jpa :     User obj2 = ...; User usr2 = entityManager

Problem Using Reflection

I'm currently working on developing my own API to use with ObjectDB and I'm running into the following problem. Using the API I can insert data into an empty database without any issues ... , produces this exception. Any insight into why and how I can avoid this exception? Thanks in advance

virtual servers and one file

a database into multiple files, for example one file per entity class, may help with this particular ... . > ... but could you please provide more information regarding how breaking a database into multiple files ... which configuration file in actually used in the log. You may also insert a deliberate error in the objectdb


Ran into this error for the first time (after many years of using odb): Caused by: com.objectdb.o ... more. I ran into the same error from a pessimistically locked entity (global tracking id generator ... the insertion test case. 5 threads/100 repetitions gave Optimistic lock error on pessimistically tracked

Dependency from enhanced classes to the objectDB library

. This means we have several domains. Each domain is split into business layer and persistence layer ... all projects of the example #2 into your Eclipse (We use Eclipse Standard 4.4.1 (Luna) including: RCP ... again, it should work now. support Support The test case has three ant task files. You must insert


field. Returns: the value of the field to be stored into the ObjectId. Since: JDO 1.0 byte ... number of the key field. Returns: the value of the field to be stored into the ObjectId. Since: JDO 1 ... : fieldNumber - the field number of the key field. Returns: the value of the field to be stored into


Annotation Element javax.jdo.annotations.Column String insertValue Value to be inserted when this is an "unmapped" column Returns: the value to be inserted when this is an "unmapped" column Default value: "" Since: JDO 2.1


Annotation Element javax.jdo.annotations.Column String allowsNull Whether the column allows null values to be inserted. Returns: whether the column allows null values to be inserted Default value: "" Since: JDO 2.1

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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