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Detaching objects after JOIN FETCH

with JOIN FETCH. Let's say I have two classes: public class ... with all A classes skipping lazy loading: select b from B b join fetch ... but without A classes and because EM is closed, B.aClasses is always null. I thought, that after join fetch

"Problem" with cross join

=InheritanceType.JOINED) ... @ManyToOne private CI ci; subclass CIstring ... handling primary key fields in JOIN queries). Please try the new build (2.0.4_01

joining of tables

Hi In objectdb site i found :Note: This ORM/SQL annotation is silently ignored by ObjectDB so i want  join tow table and generate a third table. Ex:  table 1: employee    table 2: address  and the generate

Problem with JOIN and inheritance

-query"> SELECT DISTINCT $1 FROM com.quasado.serviceplaza.customer.VendorCustomer $1 JOIN $1 ... "VendorCustomer" yet through using the join, he is also selecting all "Customer" classes which fullfill the where requirements. This seems to be clearly wrong to me because I should not even join

Mapped by fields are not initialized by JOIN FETCH in queries

As demonstrated in this forum thread, a mapped by collection field with lazy fetch mode is not initialized in results of a query that uses JOIN FETCH on that collection field (when enhancement is used). support Support   Build 2

Index Definition

JOIN queries: SELECT d FROM Document d JOIN d.words w WHERE w = 'JPA ... "> SELECT d FROM Document d JOIN d.words w WHERE LENGTH(w) >= 10 But this time

JPA Query Structure (JPQL / Criteria)

="/java/jpa/query/jpql/from#from_and_join_in_criteria_queries">Criteria FROM (join_String_JoinType">join,

JPA Criteria API Queries

/jpql/from#from_and_join_in_criteria_queries">FROM clause (from, join_String_JoinType">join, fetch


) Specifies a column for joining ... itself is defaulted, a single join column is assumed and the default values apply. Example:join column is in table for Order public Set getOrders() {return

[ODB1] Chapter 7 - JDOQL Queries

for the JOIN operation of SQL Support of bound variables is mandatory, but support ... optional by JDO. Queries with unbound variables are similar to JOIN queries in SQL because every combination of variables has to be checked for every candidate object. Just like JOIN queries in SQL