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500Mb ObjectDb database opening issue

500Mb ObjectDb database opening issue

EntityManagerFactory Fails To Swtich Over To Slave When Master Is Unavailable

size="50" user="true" password="true" />                 <log path="$objectdb/log/" max="8mb" stdout ... " sync="true" path="." max="128mb" />                 <recording enabled="true" sync="true" path ... ="64mb" max-threads="10" />                 <query-cache results="32mb" programs="500

Replication issue, Replayer failing due to NullPointerException.

" /> <url-history size="50" user="true" password="true" /> <log path="/var/log/test/" max="10mb ... " /> <recovery enabled="true" sync="false" path="." max="512mb" /> <recording enabled="true ... " max-threads="10" synchronized="false" /> <query-cache results="32mb" programs="500

OutofMemory error with Object DB 2.0

The application works fine with only 256MB heap size with objectdb 1.0 But on 2.0 even with max heap size ... " password="true" /> <log path="c:/temp/odb/log/" max="8mb" stdout="false" stderr="false" /> <log ... " sync="false" path="." max="128mb" /> <recording enabled="false" sync="false" path="." mode

com.objectdb.o.NLV cannot be cast to com.objectdb.o.RSV

-363f-4397-8553-cc5688ba142d') ORDER BY MAX($1.createDate) DESC but this query returns an exception ... ChatHistoryItem $1 JOIN $1.recipient $2 WHERE ($2.id='22afeafe-363f-4397-8553-cc5688ba142d') ORDER BY MAX ... -cc5688ba142d')))" eval="12.7207" order="desc(max(any(any($1.createDate))))"> <multiVarPlan plan="$1

Activation license not picked up in Jenkins

.MrProrationSpec STARTED mr.controllers.spec.MrProrationSpec > max_rate_target_below_first STARTED mr.controllers.spec.MrProrationSpec > max_rate_target_below_first STANDARD_ERROR [2020-09-03 22:03 ... .MrProrationSpec > max_rate_target_below_first STANDARD_OUT created site mr.controllers.spec

Performance tuning, best practices

processor cores. What is strange for us is that max 20% of the cpu resources are used and the IO subsystem ... ="$objectdb/log/" max="8mb" stdout="false" stderr="false" /> <log-archive path="$objectdb/log/archive ... ="256kb" page="2kb" /> <recovery enabled="true" sync="false" path="." max="128mb" /> <recording enabled

Queries are slow on a large database

example, I want to get the object with the highest Id. I tried a query like "count(this.Id)" or "max ... to get MAX/MIN values: SELECT MAX(m.id) FROM MessageImpl m or in JDOQL (with a single query string): SELECT MAX(id) FROM MessageImpl If the field is indexed these queries also should be executed very fast

each 1-2 days objects on some objectdb level lock/block each other

.conf is (we tried max-threads with 24, 40, 80, more or less the same result with any ... ="true" password="true" /> <log path="$objectdb/log/" max="8mb" stdout="false" stderr="false ... ="2kb" /> <recovery enabled="true" sync="false" path="." max="96mb" /> <recording

database corrupt

" /> <url-history size="50" user="true" password="true" /> <log path="$objectdb/log/" max="8mb" stdout ... enabled="true" sync="false" path="." max="96mb" /> <recording enabled="false" sync="false" path="." mode="write" /> <locking version-check="true" /> <processing cache="4096mb" max-threads="24

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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