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Replication error - parsing objectdb config

I'm trying to replicate a database using the following config: <server> <connection port="6136" max="100" /> <data path="$objectdb/db-files" /> <replication url="objectdb://localhost:6126/DEV1 ... looks as follows: <server> <connection port="6138" max="100" /> <data path="$objectdb/db

Iterating over large result set

. Finally, the paging loop could be more efficient in some cases if instead of specifying first/max ... of specifying first/max results you will add a constraint in each iteration based on the ID (primary key

unable to update table in slave server database

" /> <recovery enabled="true" sync="true" path="." max="128mb" /> <recording enabled="true" sync="true" path="." mode="write" /> <locking version-check="true" /> <processing cache="64mb" max-threads="10

Glassfish and ObjectDB 2.4.3

-core-pool-size 16 thread-max-pool-size 32 thread-keep-alive-seconds 60 thread-queue-capacity 2147483647 ... EjbThreadPoolExecutor with thread-core-pool-size 16 thread-max-pool-size 32 thread-keep-alive-seconds 60 thread

internal object DB locking in an embedded multi threaded application

" /> <recovery enabled="true" sync="false" path="." max="128mb" /> <recording enabled="false" sync ... " max-threads="10" /> <query-cache results="32mb" programs="500" /> <extensions drop="temp,tmp

Database connection url

I'd like to run a database called db1.odb on port 6136, and simultaneously open it in the explorer. I left the conf file set as: <server>     <connection port="6136" max="100" />     <data path="$objectdb/db-files" /> </server> However, I'm not sure about the connection url for the code

Can I Disable the Creation of the "log" Directory?

="0" /> <url-history size="0" user="false" password="false" /> <log path="" max="8mb" stdout

Getting an error when adding activation code to conf file

="256kb" page="2kb" /> <recovery enabled="true" sync="false" path="." max="128mb" /> <recording ... ="64mb" max-threads="10" /> <query-cache results="32mb" programs="500" /> <extensions drop="temp,tmp

Sort of very large objects - out of memory

" /> <recovery enabled="true" sync="false" path="." max="128mb" /> <recording enabled="false" sync="false" path="." mode="write" /> <locking version-check="true" /> <processing cache="8mb" max

Service terminated silently (crashed?)...is there any way to cause a crash dump?

you should increase the value in the server configuration, e.g. <server> <connection port="6136" max ... and max="0" (which is the default starting 2.6.5) indicates no limit. support Support

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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