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ObjectDB Object Database Features

Databases are also supported by ObjectDB. The combination of Object Database features ... objects per database file. Unlimited database connections (limited only by operating system resources ... APIs ObjectDB is the only Object-Oriented Database with built in support for JPA 2. Java Persistence

ObjectDB - Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

. Using a relational database management system (RDBMS) to store and retrieve Java objects requires slow conversions between graphs of Java objects and flat database table rows. Object Relational Mapping ... is an extremely easy to use pure Java Object Database, which supports JPA with no mapping

Is ObjectDB better than competing object databases?

. However, you should consider the following points when doing your own objective comparison of object databases: ObjectDB is unique in supporting the standard APIs. It is the only object database with built in support ... Data Objects (JDO) API than competing object databases. By using a standard API such as JPA

Database Explorer

the approach of traditional visual database tools. Every row in the table represents a single object ... a single database object. This type of viewer is useful for viewing data of a simple object model. In ... . A Tree window displays objects as a tree. Every database object is represented by a tree node

Database Management Settings

ObjectDB evaluation restrictions (of 10 entity classes and 1,000,000 entity objects per database) requires ... The <database> configuration element specifies back end (database engine) settings ... <database> element: <database>

What is the Java Data Objects (JDO)?

The Java Data Objects (JDO) is another standard for accessing persistent data in databases, using ... with both relational and object databases. JDO is supported by many object databases, including ObjectDB, and it is probably the most popular Java API for object databases today.

Retrieving JPA Entity Objects

The Java Persistence API (JPA) provides various ways to retrieve objects from the database ... of the database. The persistence context serves as a cache of retrieved entity objects. If a requested ... with data that is retrieved from the database (or from the L2 cache - if enabled). The new entity object

Can I use ObjectDB to access a relational database?

To access relational databases using the Java Persistence API (JPA) you will need an Object ... . The DataNucleus ORM implementation supports also the Java Data Objects (JDO) API. ObjectDB is a full featured standalone Object Database Management System (ODBMS) and not an ORM tool, so it is not intended and cannot be used to access other database management systems.

Is ObjectDB better than Object Relational Mapping (ORM)?

As noted above, using ObjectDB instead of a relational database and ORM combination is easier ... database is mandatory (e.g. as a result of a customer request or when a new application is developed for an existing old relational database). By using the Java Persistence API (JPA), you can develop

Working with JPA Entity Objects

), which can represent physical objects in the database. Managing an ObjectDB Object Database using JPA ... database objects. Entity Object Life Cycle The life cycle of entity objects consists of four states ... the database. An entity object becomes Managed when it is persisted to the database