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What role is the JDO in ObjectDB?

Mike Keith believe the JDO is out of date. Then what role of JDO in ObjectDB? Will our codes ... . So if your application is based on JPA - the only place in your code that you are actually using JDO is in index definition. But it is easy to keep your code portable to other JPA providers by adding

Externalising persistence.xml properties in Glassfish?

if more than one persistance units exist. Then in the code i can use @PersistenceContext(unitName=PERSISTANCEUNIT) private EntityManager em; This way I can use the same code in any environment. The set up of the properties ... when specified (currently it is ignored). If you can provide a JNDI code that extracts these values in GlassFish

JBOSS AS7 7.1.1 - Entity not persisted and createNamedQuery fire exception

for building the Guestbook.war only maven. My GuestDAO code is as follows: package guest; import ... application as is? support Support The tutorial code from http://www.objectdb.com/files/examples/guestbook ... ( "getAllGuests", Guest.class); The full code of GuestDAO becomes: package guest; import java.util.List

OutofMemory error with Object DB 2.0

heap on PersistenceManager closure and not on transaction commit. Here is the code snippet that is involved in persisting a record in the odb. This code is called in a loop till all records are persisted ... ); madhuarish Bhanu Pathak Your code looks fine. You can upload a large heap dump to ObjectDB public FTP server

Cast exception?

Support That seem to be the issue here, but I'm not doing any casting in the code! Is it some ... code. So I think objectdb.jar is getting loaded alright, but parts of it is not working somehow... Edit: I took a look at the Persistence.java source code and extracted the method that is throwing

Entity Type is not found (error 301) in Query

name is necessary. See method code - red part Otherwise an error will occure. [ObjectDB 2.4.7_17 ... - the query works with the simple class name. Breaking down the code for simple example would be little compilcated. Have you any idea, what is going wrong? Code: public void checkConstraints(DAOiface

Opensource ObjectDB

, if you want to grow quickly and become a must-have in Java development you should release your code ... ObjectDB to be a consolidated technology in the Java world you should release the code ... ). Have you thought about it? Is releasing ObjectDB code in your future plans? Will ObjectDB


, would you be able to provide us your tests (binary only, no need for source code) and instructions how to run ... deletes several entities in batch. Is this again some concurrency issue? I was inspecting the code ... that we can run (possibly large, and with no source code), I hope we will be able to solve it. Alternatively

NullPointer on query

I'm getting a null pointer when running the following code: TypedQuery<ObjectDbMessagePayload ... .objectdb.jpa.JpaQuery.getResultList(JpaQuery.java:686) ... 6 more The code usually works fine so I ... on the original persist/commit. Full code is: ObjectDbMessagePayload payload = em.find(ObjectDbMessagePayload

JPA Composite Key make Object Db throws "Unexpected exception (Error 990)"

obfuscated code is not easy for me. Any help would be appreciated :) xirt Sylvain ... instructions it may be very helpful. support Support Well i have tested a small case test with minimal code ... be reproduced with a simple ( not embedded Id ) key with an enum type. Here is the code : package test

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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