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Is there a function of "drop table" or "delete from table"?

"drop table" in this site BTW. gzdillon Lai Yang The code “createQuery("DELETE FROM MyEntity e ... supported by JPA and JDO. The following non portable code, however, resets the global sequence IDs ... - you have to use the JDO ability to access sequences. The code above passes a negative allocation

problem using macbook with M1 chip?

lines in the Java source code of the Java version that you are using. It is unclear why the byte code of an ObjectDB class was posted, if it contains relevant information please explain. The UNM class ... machine. Some kind of return code would be appreciated in such a case hgzwicker Hans-Georg Zwicker Yes

Insertion Speed Rate and Batch Load

, but after that the system is running FullGC all the time. My JVM has 4GB and I did use your attached modified code ... use in one of our smart grid data data collection product. edy_at_ssn Edy Oey I run the codes in 2 ... 37101.62 objects per second. gzdillon Lai Yang I run this code with the above enhanced setting

Mapped (Inverse) LAZY @OneToMany vs. Unmapped LAZY @OneToMany

In the code example below (also attached) I would like to understand why I am able to print ... );         }     } } webel Dr Darren Kelly LAZY in JPA is a hint. If your code is enhanced (as ... _mapped:null a.listB_unmapped:[] If the code is not enhanced, ObjectDB has to keep a snapshot of the entity

On ensuring ID available after persist

and then Oracle+MySQL. On trying it out on ObjectDB I hit a problem with my very extensive entity wiring code ... () there is no managed entity returned. My copious entity wiring code assumed that the Java variable passed ... am still evaluating ObjectDB, and as far as possible I want to preserve the state of the common code base; if I

OEM Enhancer causing Jenkins job to freeze

is unclear, but you can see in the stack trace that the operation is inside your code. Your application code is invoked by ObjectDB (through Java reflection which runs the static initializer of CacheableDriverProperty), and maybe that code is not expected to run in that environment during enhancement

NullPointerException while setting a new property value

:1) Cabot Vitas Lada OK. Please try now 2.4.4_03. support Support The ObjectDB code was changed ... .close(); } } 3. The code continues with a revalidation and re-setting some properties ... . I guess that the enhanced code should handle it somehow. Cabot Vitas Lada When using JPA

License Activation Change and Checking Activation

a different activation code. With this code it works. The only difference I can think of is that my WiFi ... . You should include both activation codes now in your configuration, so ObjectDB will work on your laptop

Query to search for common elements in two separate collections.

collections by identical hash code. Candidate collections should then be further filtered by checking for equality. The hash code of every stored collection should be stored in an indexed field, possibly in a new entity or embeddable class that would wrap the collection with its hash code. support

Optimistic lock

? Will the changes made to the object before the violation be retained or must they be duplicated in the retry code ... that you describe is unclear. Could you please clarify it with an example? support Support Hello It is more abstract than code ... optimisticLocking exception. In the retry code after the exception can I assume the changes I made to the object in

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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