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How force always recreate database on redeployment.

Is there some easy way to force recreation/deletion of the current database on deployment of a web ... the server, delete the database file, re-start the objectdb server, re-run the web app, which is tedious ... to force ObjectDB to always delete or empty the database file on startup ? webel Dr Darren Kelly

The server cannot start in CentOS

.0.254," admin="true">    <dir path="/" permissions="access,modify,create,delete ... ,modify,create,delete">     <quota directories="5" files="20" disk-space="5mb" />    </dir>   </user ... ="access,modify,create,delete" />                 </user>                 <user username="$default

Database(*.odb) file size on disk

us something about how the deleting of entities affects the size of *.odb files on disk? -Will the released ... a small test, in which we create and delete entities. It looks like that the released memory ... reuses space of deleted objects but the database is never resized to a smaller file. Currently

Failed to synchronize replicated database

suppose that we can harmlessly delete all recordings when ODB Server is offline, and it will create new ... to the basepoint and deleted later to save disk space? thamal Tomas Hamal The recording files ... still? It doesn't seem to me as a good practise, so I would rather delete all transactions and create new

Record is not clearing properly on remove

I have a entity Agent which is one-to-many relationship with entity AgentGroup but when i delete ... Kumar Maharana You have to remove it from the collection and then delete it. Alternatively, if you use ... side and the agent group as the mapped by side, you just have to delete the owner object in the relationship

Soft Reference Object Cache Recommendation

when the JdoBlob2 gets deleted. I use JavaVirtualVm to look at my application heap to see the references to the byte ... , leaving the newer ones in the cache, such as delete 1/2 of the list, the older ones, for each ... that if I delete the JdoBlob2 via persistenceManager.deletePersisted(jdoBlob2) then the memory gets

virtual servers and one file

,create,delete" /> </user> <user username="$default" password="xxxxxxxxx"> <dir path="/$user/" permissions="access,modify,create,delete"> <quota directories="5" files="20" disk-space="5mb" /> </dir> </user ... the right format. You may delete it from your server. support Support No issues were found in the heap dump

Cascade.ALL with LAZY fetchtype does not clean up all references on remove

with FetchType.LAZY. If I now delete a root entity using EntityManager.remove all leaf nodes will not be deleted. This only applies to the leaf nodes. If I add an additional the behaviour changes so that these new leafes will not be deleted. I created a small test case which can be downloaded at http

ClassCastException: com.objectdb.o.SLV cannot be cast to com.objectdb.o.RSV

.ObjectCacheDB.delete(ObjectCacheDB.java:356) at com.ysoft.cache.objectdb.ObjectCacheDB.delete(ObjectCacheDB.java:347) at eu.ysoft.safeq.ors.CacheDBWrapper.delete(CacheDBWrapper.java:73) at ysoft.sqcore

Exception Failed to read from file

.ysoft.cache.objectdb.ObjectCacheDB.delete(ObjectCacheDB.java:356) at com.ysoft.cache.objectdb.ObjectCacheDB.delete(ObjectCacheDB.java:347) at eu.ysoft.safeq.ors.CacheDBWrapper.delete(CacheDBWrapper

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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