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query on calendar class

String A;     @Temporal(TemporalType.TIMESTAMP) private Calendar start; I tested: Query query=em.createQuery("SELECT c FROM Cdr c where c.start.DAY_OF_WEEK = ?1",Cdr.class); query.setParameter(1 ... class but results should be objects where c.start > {t '23:00:00'} I tested: Query query=em

find() cost unreasonable time!

("===========%n");   int iSum = 0;   for (int i=0;i<3*iBlock;i++){    long start ... ", (System.currentTimeMillis()-start)/1000f);    if (null== o){     System.out.printf("%s is not Nodes %n", o);     continue;    }    em.refresh(o);    start = System.currentTimeMillis();    List<Nodes

Problem to use find method on an abstract Class: AbstractMethodError is thrown

1.0.2.GA 08:17:21,588 INFO [org.jboss.as] JBAS015899: JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final "Brontes" starting 08 ... .connector] (MSC service thread 1-13) JBAS010408: Starting JCA Subsystem (JBoss IronJacamar 1.0.9.Final) 08:17:22,316 INFO [org.jboss.as.naming] (MSC service thread 1-9) JBAS011802: Starting Naming

Schema Evolution Question

the following steps: Stop old client application. Stop ObjectDB. Start ObjectDB. Start NEW client application. Or, is it necessary to do the following: Stop old client application. Start NEW client application (errors will occur due to "Field xxxx not found in type yyyy") Stop ObjectDB Start ObjectDB


Method javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceUnitInfo void addTransformer( ClassTransformer transformer ) Add a transformer supplied by the provider that will be called for every new class definition or class redefinition that gets loaded by the loader returned by the PersistenceUnitInfo.getClassLoader


Method javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactory boolean getCopyOnAttach() Gets the default copyOnAttach setting for all PersistenceManager instances obtained from this factory. Returns: the copyOnAttach setting. Since: JDO 2.1 See Also: setCopyOnAttach(boolean)


Method javax.jdo.spi.RegisterClassListener void registerClass( RegisterClassEvent event ) This method gets called when a persistence-capable class is registered. Parameters: event - a RegisterClassEvent instance describing the registered class plus metadata. Since: JDO 1.0


Method javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactory String getServerTimeZoneID() Gets the TimeZone ID of the server associated with this PersistenceManagerFactory. If not set, assume that the server has the same TimeZone ID as the client. Returns: the TimeZone of the server Since: JDO 2.1 See Also: setServerTimeZoneID(String)


Method javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactory boolean getReadOnly() Gets the value for read-only for this PMF. Indicates whether the datastore is read-only or writable. Returns: the readOnly setting. Since: JDO 2.2 See Also: setReadOnly(boolean)


Method javax.jdo.PersistenceManagerFactory String getPersistenceUnitName() Gets the PersistenceUnitName for this PersistenceManagerFactory. Returns: the PersistenceUnitName Since: JDO 2.1 See Also: setPersistenceUnitName(String)

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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