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How force always recreate database on redeployment.

bean to create and persist a test model each run. I keep getting models on top of each ... have to undeploy from Glassfish, stop the server, delete the database file, re-start the objectdb server ... > support Support Thanks for prompt reply. I am sorry, I am not getting it to work.

Database Inconsistency or corruption

is that data gets lost when updating an entity. 1-) Background Consider Three entities ... > works fine. But, update does not work. The data gets lost. I attached a formatted log file. ... To confirm that the values are lost, I started the explorer

Extended mapping-definitions

every entity of the real world (respectively its class) gets mapped to a java class. So cats get mapped ... objectDB, there 1.) will be hundreds of classes and 2.) not all classes are known at project start ... this leads to the following problem: By default a Java object gets persisted depending

Mismatch client-server protocol prefix

communication error. Every client request starts with a prefix that is checked by the server before ... that caused the exception (assuming the stack trace starts at your code), and provide more information ... ;     }   This exception gets thrown

persistence.xml classes not respected by ObjectDB

loads all the classes in P1 (+ their embeddable classes). P2 is created properly, but P1 gets ... it does if I erase the DB and start all over. But that's a problem. I have discovered ... , then start the app. Otherwise I can't do it. What is it to be done? zmirc Mircea

Service terminated silently (crashed?) there any way to cause a crash dump?

" max="1000000" /> Starting 2.6.5 the client gets an exception but the server ... started on port 6138. ObjectDB Server stopped. ObjectDB Server started on port 6138. ObjectDB Server stopped. ObjectDB Server started on port 6138. ObjectDB Server started on port


I'm getting a new InternalException (see below). No repeatable example as ... for the entity objects and using it against an existing database? In this case the app is starting ... ="code">EntityManager) before the ordinary working threads start and their 

Negative snapshot user count exception

]), this error shows up a number of times, and today at 10:14 AM PDT we started getting the mismatch client ... more details? Particularly, when did this start? is there anything that you think may be related (a change in ... the database (e.g. by providing a link in a private support ticket) we can try getting some hint.

database corrupt

, but on the other hand we want to get rid of this kind of problems as we start now with our worldwide ... before starting to write to the database file. Although the default, sync ... the issue and enable debugging. It requires starting with a duplicate database that is later used

Server out of memory exceptions

I've started to get memory exceptions on objectdb instances running as a server ... a good place to start. felixobjectdb Richard Szurgot Sorry! - I've double checked the test ... Richard Szurgot I've also started to get oom exceptions in an embedded database: