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Date and Time in JPQL and Criteria Queries

="/java/jpa/query/jpql/path">path expressions - in navigation to persistent date and time fields

JPA Reference (JavaDoc)

-book-toc path="api/java/jpa" select="Persistence|EntityManagerFactory|EntityManager|EntityTransaction ... : path="api/java/jpa" select="Annotations|Queries|Metamodel|Miscellaneous

JPA Annotations for Value Generation

is specified: path="api/java/jpa/annotations/value" select="GeneratedValue ... : path="api/java/jpa/annotations/value" select="SequenceGenerator


> path="java/jpa/query/api"> In addition, the syntax of the JPA Query Language (JPQL) is described in: path="java/jpa/query

What's next?

more details on using JPA with ObjectDB: path="java/jpa" select="Entity Classes|Using ... describing some tools and settings that are specific to ObjectDB: path="java/jpa

Spring MVC and JPA Tutorial

the following versions: path="tutorial/jpa/spring" select="Eclipse JPA Spring ... as a Maven project: path="tutorial/jpa/spring" select="Download and Run">

Java EE Web Tutorial

the following versions: path="tutorial/jpa/ee" select="Eclipse JPA Java EE|NetBeans ... a Maven project: path="tutorial/jpa/ee" select="Download and Run">

JPA Web Application Tutorial

-book-toc path="tutorial/jpa/web" select="Eclipse JPA Web App|NetBeans JPA Web App"> path="tutorial/jpa/web" select="Download and Run">

Getting Started with JPA

the following versions: path="tutorial/jpa/start" select="Eclipse JPA ... is available as a Maven project: path="tutorial/jpa/start" select="Download and Run">

[ODB1] Chapter 3 - Persistent Classes

can also be stored as external files, storing only the file names or paths in the database).path for enhanced classes -s include sub directories in search