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JPA Annotations for SQL Queries

The following JPA annotations are designated for SQL queries on relational databases: path="api/java/jpa/annotations/sql"> ObjectDB supports only the preferred JPA query language, JPQL, and silently ignores all the above annotations.

JPA Annotations for Java EE

The following JPA annotations are in use to integrate JPA into a Java EE application and are managed by the Java EE container: path="api/java/jpa/annotations/ee">

Eclipse/JPA Java EE Tutorial

> path="tutorial/jpa/eclipse/ee">

Eclipse/JPA Web Application Tutorial

consists of the following steps: path="tutorial/jpa/eclipse/web">

Getting Started with JPA - Maven Project

> You may also open and run the Maven project in your IDE: path

Spring MVC JPA Tutorial - Maven Project

your IDE: path="tutorial/jpa/spring/maven">

Web App JPA Tutorials

This section includes the following tutorials: path="/tutorial/web">

NetBeans/JPA Java EE Tutorial

>The Tutorial Steps This tutorial consists of the following steps: path

JDO Annotations for Fetch Settings

The following annotations are used to define JDO fetch groups and fetch plans: path="api/java/jdo/annotations/fetch">

JDO Annotations

JDO defines dozens of annotations that can be divided into the following groups: path="api/java/jdo/annotations">