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IN expression in a Criteria Query

; Predicate predicate ="a", "c", "e");         q.where(predicate);;      

Query in JPA2 with LEFT JOIN on INNER JOIN

(); selections[0]=actionDescriptionSelection; Predicate masterPredicate = cb.conjunction(); Predicate predicateOnPath = cb.equal(root.get(Action_.path).get(, idPAth ... ; Predicate predicateOnProfile = cb.equal(actionJoinActionProfile.get(, profiles

JPA CriteriaQuery -- Iterate Expression>

.class); //pseudo code(i think i need something like this here) Predicate myPred = for all records ... "), searchString ) //pseuso code (i thin i need to check my predicate

IMK Stall with certain query

;   Root<OrderData> order = query.from(OrderData.class); Predicate p1 ="buyerId")), param); Predicate p2 ="buyerName")), param

CriteriaQuery .where() for multiple conditions

); Predicate criteria = criteriaBuilder.and(criteriaBuilder.equal(root.get("name"), name

@ElementCollection query returning extra result per element in collection

to my entities, but not so easy to add with the 'count' while re-using the same predicates.

multiple LEFT JOINs do not work as expected

organisation.parentOrg.parentOrg is the root. The query also contains a number of other predicates

Searching lists within objects

");                 Predicate

JPA 2.0 Criteria API: (When) Fully supported ?

which prevents correct negation of conjunction and disjunction predicates.    * EclipseLink 2

Problem using "and" for joined entities and indexed fields

Using @Index for fields and filter more than one field with "and" predicate ends in empty result list. public class IndexTest {     @Entity     @Indices({         @Index