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ObjectDB doctor command

Hi, I would like to run the Doctor in repair mode with the source file = target file but I get the following error: java -cp ../../lib/objectdb.jar com.objectdb.Doctor myDB.odb myDB.odb com.objectdb.o.UserException: Attempt to open a non existing file 'myDB.odb' at com.objectdb.o.MSG.d(MSG.java

Extending model by "common entity"

the schema change again to a database that was used only with the old schema. If you must repair

Shrinking Database Files

the ObjectDB doctor in repair mode (i.e. building a new database file from an existing database). support Support

ObjectDB's Database Doctor Incorrect Error Report

Repair is attached. So are the two databases and screenshots of Explorer showing the reference

Object Relations Error after Schema Change

running the Doctor in repair mode. If this doesn't help and you can upload the database (possibly

Deploying objectdb.jar to karaf 4.0.7 seems to fail

how to repair our build process. support Support Hello, done. My jar (attached) works. 2016-12-02 13:07

NegativeArraySizeException on commiting a transaction

Hi, we started to get a java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException from ObjectDB upon changing an object in the DB and committing the transaction. I tried to repair the DB file with Database Doctor, but the same error is happening also on the fixed DB file. Btw. during fixing the DB file an Internal

each 1-2 days objects on some objectdb level lock/block each other

and all the file system is on an ultra fast SD drive - we did do a Doctor repair, not any error shown - ojectdb

merger missing in log

we have the following entries in our objectdb log (system continues to work normally, database was repaired before switching to version 2.7.5): [2018-05-14 15:00:48 #1 store] Database 'F:\Hummingbird\Objectdb\db\coresystemdb.odb' has been recovered (tr. 68624050-68626451) [2018-05-14 15:00:52 #2

Errors after unexpected server shutdown

which that index is defined. Alternatively you should be able to repair the entire database by running

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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