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ODB with Netbeans

restriction, not a JPA restriction. "An entity or IdClass class should implement the interface."This is also a NetBeans restriction, not a JPA restriction.This is a JPA restriction. ObjectDB supports also final

Problem with distinct select, order by and equivalent alias/attribute path

and regards Benjamin Klink bklink Benjamin Klink JPQL restricts ORDER BY ... is less restrictive, and will except the query above. However, in DISTINCT and GROUP BY queries it must follow these restrictions, otherwise the same result may have multiple different order values.

Activation Issue

). However after a reboot I'm now getting the evaluation license restriction message again at compile time (which was I ... about the 10 class restriction. In one case it happened after Linode did 'scheduled ... : did you find my registration for my linux server which also complained about restrictions?


to the where clause restriction(s), or null if no restrictions have been specified.


to the restriction(s) over the grouping items, or null if no restrictions have been specified.


or disjunction of restrictions. A simple predicate is considered to be a conjunction with a single


: javax.jdo.annotations.ForeignKeyAction.RESTRICT javax.jdo.annotations.ForeignKeyAction.RESTRICT


: javax.jdo.annotations.ForeignKeyAction.RESTRICT


: javax.jdo.annotations.ForeignKeyAction.RESTRICT


register themselves via a static method at class load time. There is no security restriction on this access