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Posting Sample Code

>complete runnable sample program. If an unexpected exception (e.g. sample program (using the Issue Tracking system) may be sufficient to locate the problem. In most other cases - a sample program may be required.

Sample JDO Architecture for Follow Up Questions

Sample JDO Architecture for Follow Up Questions

JPA Lifecycle Events

; <entity-listener class="samples.MyDefaultListener1" /> <entity-listener class="samples.MyDefaultListener2" /> </entity-listeners> </persistence-unit

What's next?

the sample program. You can easily start your own ObjectDB/JPA projects simply by modifying this sample program. Reading the Next Chapters The next three chapters provide

JPA Persistence Unit

> <jar-file>packedEntity.jar</jar-file> <class>sample.MyEntity1</class> <class>sample.MyEntity2</class> <properties> <

Storing JPA Entity Objects

">persistence context might consume too much memory. The sample code above clears the persistence

Is ObjectDB better than competing object databases?

, tools, books, tutorials and sample code. ObjectDB is also unique in supporting

[ODB1] Chapter 2 - A Quick Tour

This chapter introduces basic ObjectDB and JDO concepts, using two sample programs. We start with the HelloWorld sample program, which is not JDO portable because it uses some ObjectDB extensions, but it is a good sample to start with because of its simplicity. 

JPA Tutorials

on how to create the sample applications. In addition, the sample applications are also available

Getting Started with JPA

with built in support of JPA. The sample application is also explained in details in , but if you prefer to start by running a live sample application in your IDE, you should be able to follow