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Size of recording directory keeps growing

>My question: How to limit the size or history of recording? Is there any setting in configuration file? Thank you   Below are sizes of our database files:

odb file size doesn't shrink

Hello, why delete from ... doesnt modify size of odb? Even in in embedded mode, and in server mode i use recovery, not recording mode. mastervoland Vladimir Sadovnikov size of the database is not reduced, as it usually better, considering

Speeding up reporting queries with size() on list

.description.length(), insp.products.size(), insp.picture from Inspiration insp order by date(insp

Max transaction size

What’s the max transaction size, or how is it determined? Trianglehead Json Error The main limit is the available memory in the JVM. There is no hard limit. support Support

Transaction size limit

Although I read in this post that the size ... TransactionTooBigException. But what would help us most, would be a way to check the current size ... ) ... 10 more Caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Requested array size exceeds VM limit at com

Collections in JPQL and Criteria Queries

if the collection is empty and TRUE otherwise. SIZE The SIZE ... > SIZE(c.languages) is evaluated to the number of languages in ... ("English", "French"); // SIZE(collection) Expression

General Settings and Logging

="0" />   <url-history size="50" user="true" password="true" /> <log path ... are only used for data that exceeds a limit size that is specified by the threshold attribute ... -history> element   <url-history size="50" user="true

Shared (L2) Entity Cache

Configuration The shared cache size is specified in the The level2 attribute determines the size of the EntityManagerFactory's shared cache. The default size, 0, indicates

WHERE clause (JPQL / Criteria API)

only countries with a population size above a population size p: size that exceeds a specified limit and also have an official language from

[ODB1] Chapter 7 - JDOQL Queries

. For example, the number of retrieved objects can be obtained using the size() method: int count = result.size(); Iteration over the result ... .setOrdering("age descending, children.size() ascending"); Collection result = (Collection)query.execute