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Delete object from collection versus delete from JPQL

can modify the objects and use persist() to write them to the database.  But does running a JPQL update or delete alter the in-memory objects? There are cases where the JPQL syntax ... for more details: jpql/delete">DELETE queries

Modifying something with Explorer -> app JPQL with Enum doesn't work anymore

is that redeploying the application after that kind of usage of Explorer makes JPQL with Enum to don't ... of usage of Explorer makes JPQL with Enum to don't work properly. You should probably be able ... application. What happens when you run that JPQL query in the Explorer? In


Hello I get an error when executing the following JPQL query: JPQL is valid. Any ideas? Thanks John johnbrush John Brush The query is not a valid JPQL query

Show Sql/Jpql

Is there a way to show the executed Sql/Jpql in the console? wua Andreas Wurm ... Sql/Jpql style not xml. I can only see select statements, but I also want to see insert, update ... Insert, Update and Delete operations (except jpql/delete">delete/

JPQL IN Operator

How can I use the standard JPQL IN operator with ObjectDB? This JPQL query works fine with EclipseLink / postgres but throws an exception in objectDB: select distinct dv.creationtime from DataValue dv where dv.capabilityId.capabilityId

Possible issue for JPQL "LEFT [OUTER] JOIN"

Possible issue for JPQL "LEFT [OUTER] JOIN" is doing "[INNER] JOIN".   Thanks. eurojet P. F. Martinez Thank you for this report. Please try ... but it doesn't work with the following JPQL queries string:     - "SELECT a,b FROM

Possible issue for JPQL IN expression

Possible issue for JPQL IN expression with a set of more than one string literals values in the path expression. Error: Exception in thread "main" [ObjectDB 2.3.7 ... > This is one of the few elements of JPQL that are not implemented yet. The workaround is to use

JPA JPQL WHERE clause for IN :variable not working if variable is a list of Enums

Hi, I have a case where I have a JPQL query like: "select o from MyEntity o WHERE (enumField IN :enumFieldList)" And enum field is defined in ... > Then the matching objects are returned.   I understood the JPA JPQL IN clause

Database Explorer

. It can be used to view data in ObjectDB databases, execute JPQL and JDOQL queries and edit the content ... and indexes. The [Query] window enables running JPQL and JDOQL queries, as discussed ... The [Query] window on the left side enables execution of JPQL and JDOQL

JPQL support for Maps (JPA 2.0)

JPQL 2.0 introduces the ability define FROM variables for map keys and values. Currently ObjectDB supports FROM variables for collection elements. Hi, I've tested both KEY and VALUE statements with JPQL with the latest