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General Performance Issues Illustrated with a Specific Method

("")) { return cs; } String jpql; Map m; m = new HashMap(); jpql ... ()); System.out.println("m = " + m); System.out.println("j = " + jpql); cs = (List<ClientBasicData>) getFacade().findLightsByJpql(jpql, m); System.out.println("cs

IN expression in a Criteria Query

, it is written that ObjectDB is 100% compatible with JPA. However, I have problem with this JPQL query ... within a JPQL query string, passed to EntityManager.createQuery() in version 2.5.3. Thanks andrewv Andrew Voumard The original post was on criteria queries, but it is the same with JPQL, since criteria

Query in JPA2 with LEFT JOIN on INNER JOIN

is invalid in JPQL. Instead of ON you may include all the variables in the FROM clause: FROM action ... (relationships) between entity objects, and then you would be able to use ordinary JOIN of JPQL. support ... conditions on left join ? faber Faber You cannot specify multiple conditions on left join in JPQL

Join performance in Objectdb

of Objectdb seems to be based on the size of fields of entities: JPQL> select count(e.id) from Page e 1 java.lang.Long: 161143 Time : 23.889999 JPQL> select count(e.sUrl) from Page e 1 java.lang.Long: 161143 Time : 96.968002 JPQL> select count(e.iSize) from Page e 1 java.lang.Long: 161143

Criteria Query results in a NoResultException instead of returning object

that is equivalent to the following JPQL query: SELECT $1 FROM IdentityObject $1 WHERE $1.name='demo ... that can be run? support Support identityNameProp.getName() does return "name." Also, the JPQL equivalent ... version does not return anything while the JPQL version returns the object. Here are more runnable

Query results are not up to date for entities, not primitives

updates. But, when using the JPQL Query, the list are refreshed, and, when I querying for primitive ... CriteriaBuilder to JPQL or from Entity to Primitive. What´s now? flavioreboucassantos Flávio Rebouças Santos ... criteria queries and string based JPQL queries regarding the cache (and actually every criteria query

First query takes 4+ minutes to complete

(JPQL SELECT statements) shown next. Query We test with the following query: SELECT r from ... are only good for fields that appear in the WHERE part of the SQL/JPQL. In our case the fields are in ... as I know indices are only good for fields that appear in the WHERE part of the SQL/JPQL. In

Explorer query functionality

Is there a way in the Explorer to associate JPQL queries with query result windows? I would really ... of any other JPA + JPQL workbench tools, commercial or otherwise that would support this? paul Paul ... several query result windows. We don't know about other general JPA/JPQL tools that are better

Multiple MEMBER OF query

OF item.labels Is it a bug or JPQL query is wrong? Best regards, Pablo. Pablo Berra Pablo Berra This seems to be the result of how JPQL queries are converted into SQL like syntax before executing. MEMBER ... . So, if it is a JPQL parsing/conversion problem, can I avoid that using the criteria API query

Issue with DISTINCT Select

JPQL) -> you get the same issue. thanks for any help, Alex quasado Alexander Adam Funny ... to have a better interface than JPQL :( Thanks, Alex quasado Alexander Adam Why not: SELECT DISTINCT ... think is not valid in JPQL but works with ObjectDB). You can also use: SELECT DISTINCT NEW

Getting Started

ObjectDB is very easy to use. Follow the Getting Started Tutorial and the Quick Tour manual chapter and in minutes you may be able to write and run first Java programs against ObjectDB.

Prior knowledge or experience in database programming (SQL, JDBC, ORM, JPA, etc.) is not required, but some background in using the Java language is essential.

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